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Generally, the generated raw signals are amplified and filtered suitably by the circuits within the accelerometer casing supplied by manufacturers. Nevertheless, piezoelectric and piezoresistive transducers require special signal conditioners with certain characteristics, which is discussed in the following section. Examples of signal conditioning circuits will also be given for microaccelerometers. Signal Conditioning Piezoelectric Accelerometers. The piezoelectric accelerometer supplies a very small energy to the signal conditioner.

The unit of frequency is the hertz, Hz. The quantities already listed are of a fundamental nature because other The American National Standard (3) defines instantaneous sound pressure as the difference between total pressure and the atmospheric static pressure that exists at a given point in space, at a particular instant of time, in a stated frequency band. The SI unit is the pascal, Pa, which results from a 1 newton force uniformly applied over an area of 1 m2. In acoustical practice, the term sound pressure or effective sound pressure is the root mean square of the instantaneous sound pressures determined over a specified time interval, at a point in space.

Acceleration is more frequently needed since destructive forces are often related to acceleration rather than to velocity or displacement. 3. Measurement of transients and shocks can readily be made, which is much easier than displacement of velocity sensing. 4. Displacement and velocity can be obtained by simple integration of acceleration by electronic circuitry. Integration is preferred over differentiation. Figure 19. Bode plot of the gain and phase angle of the transfer function G( jͶ) of a second-order system against frequency.

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