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By Stanton Peele

ISBN-10: 0307419630

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This view will not help people overcome these addictions. Contrary to the NIDA’s message, I stress that addiction is more malleable than you know. ). My answer is that this is not the important question. The important questions are how many problems is the involvement causing you, how much do you want to change it, and how can we go about change? To turn your life—or to help turn someone else’s—in a positive direction, it is essential to understand that addiction is changeable and that people often are able to escape addictive behaviors and attitudes as their life circumstances change.

As a society, and as individuals, we need to grasp that there is no more important facilitator or antidote to addiction than our values. For example, people who value clear thinking will shy away from regular intoxication. Likewise, a responsible person highly concerned for his family’s well-being would not allow himself to shop or gamble away his family’s money. People who are focused on their health will be reluctant, or refuse, to drink excessively or to take drugs. A prime example of a person whose values helped him to overcome an addiction is my uncle Ozzie.

In any case, was the drinking a controlled and positive experience? Were you allowed to have small amounts of alcohol as a child on these occasions? On the other hand, did one or both of your parents consume alcohol alone, even secretly? Overall, how did you feel about the drinking you observed at home? How has this affected your own drinking experiences? Finally, how do you treat—or plan to treat—alcohol in the family you now have or envision having? Do you expect to consume alcohol with your children present?

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