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By John Frederick Walker

ISBN-10: 0802194427

ISBN-13: 9780802194428

In a definite Curve of Horn, veteran journalist John Frederick Walker tells the tale of 1 of the main respected and endangered of the regal beasts of Africa: the enormous sable antelope of Angola, an imposing, coal-black quadruped with breathtaking curved horns over 5 toes lengthy. it's a captivating and tragic story of exploration and event, politics and conflict, the brutal realities of lifestyles in Africa this present day and the sour offerings of conflicting conservation strategies.

A yes Curve of Horn lines the sable's emergence as a hugely sought-after ordinary background prize sooner than the 1st global battle, and follows its fight to outlive in a warfare area fought over via the troops of part a dozen countries, and its transformation right into a political image and conservation icon. As he follows the path of this mysterious animal, Walker interweaves the tales of the adventurers, scientists, and warriors who've come less than the thrall of the beast, and the way their activities could form the destiny of the large sable antelope and the heritage of the war-torn state that's its purely domestic.

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