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By Donald W. Stokes, Lillian Q. Stokes

ISBN-10: 0316817260

ISBN-13: 9780316817264

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The top of the head is covered by red, bare skin. Plumage is gray overall but may become spotted with rust-colored stains by preening with a bill stained by iron-rich mud. In flocks, it grazes in fields gleaning grains, insects, and small animals, returning in the evening to roost in protected wetland areas. The voice of the Sandhill Crane is a throaty, penetrating, trumpeting sound. Unlike the heron, it flies in groups with the neck extended. The Florida population is nonmigratory and larger than northern races.

Marbled Godwit, Limosa fedoa Family Scolopacidae (Sandpipers) Size: 18” Season: Most seasons except summer in Florida Habitat: Coastal beaches, mudflats, marshes As its name suggests, the Marbled Godwit is marbled, or barred, with dark across its buffy body, although the undersides lack marbling in winter plumage. The long, pinkish bill has a slight upcurved portion at the tip, where it becomes dark in color. Legs are dark, and the underwing is a rich cinnamon color. It also has a light superciliary stripe above a dark eye line.

The head is dark above with a white patch above the eye. The female has a slightly lighter, brownish back. In flight the long legs dangle behind the bird. To forage, it strides along to pick small prey from the water or vegetation and may voice a strident, barking kek in alarm. Stilts are also known to perform the broken-wing or brokenleg act to distract predators. The illustration shows an adult male. indd 33 11/17/11 12:18 PM Greater Yellowlegs, SANDPIPERS Tringa melanoleuca Family Scolopacidae (Sandpipers) Size: 14” Season: Winter in Florida Habitat: Salt- or freshwater marshes The Greater Yellowlegs is sometimes called the “tell-tale” bird, as it is the sentinel of a flock that raises alarm when danger is near, flying off and circling to return.

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A Guide to Bird Behavior, Volume II: In the Wild and at Your Feeder (Stokes Nature Guides) by Donald W. Stokes, Lillian Q. Stokes

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