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By J. Thomas Rimer

ISBN-10: 4770014775

ISBN-13: 9784770014771

Offers tale outlines, authors' biographies, and suggestions for examining fifty chosen works of eastern literature from the classical and sleek sessions.

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He had learned so much in that wonderful place. He had learned much about the business of being a motor mechanic and he learned to treasure the satisfaction of repairing things and making them useful again. Chatree had encouraged him to question why things were so, and not to be satisfied with merely knowing how they worked. Bit by bit, without even noticing it, he began to feel increasingly confident about himself. His grasp of the farang language, English, improved markedly, and so did his status in the village.

Teddy couldn’t take his eyes off the drawing. ‘It’s pretty damn high actually, 994 feet. That makes it 10 feet higher than the Eiffel Tower. ’ ‘Everything is achievable Teddy, if there is enough money to solve all problems, and the determination to follow it through. Whether this scheme is economically viable is, of course, another matter. ’ A frown came over William’s face. ‘Or even if he really cares. Teddy, it could all just be part of a big publicity scheme, or just an out-of-control ego trip by Victor.

There was a sprig of wild orchid in her hair, the palest of greens. Her long hair shone more brightly than the polished paintwork of the Governor’s black Buick. She was the most heavenly creature Sumbart had ever seen. They were kneeling, semi-erect, behind a carved teak foot stool which had an embroidered silk cushion on it. The embroidery was a rich golden colour. They held their hands out in front of them in a wai position and their forearms rested on the golden cushion. Suni, her head bowed and her long lashes lowered, was looking straight ahead, but she seemed to sense Sumbart looking at her, for the corner of her mouth lifted in a tiny smile.

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