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By David H. Krantz, R. Duncan Luce, Patrick Suppes, Amos Tversky

ISBN-10: 0124254012

ISBN-13: 9780124254015

All of the sciences — actual, organic, and social — have a necessity for quantitative dimension. This influential sequence, Foundations of Measurement, validated the formal foundations for size, justifying the project of numbers to things when it comes to their structural correspondence.
Volume I introduces the detailed mathematical effects that serve to formulate numerical representations of qualitative constructions. quantity II extends the topic towards geometrical, threshold, and probabilistic representations, and quantity III examines illustration as expressed in axiomatization and invariance.

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It will prove convenient to adhere to the convention that when at >x bx we write the interval as αφλ, not as bxax. " Two intervals αφχ and cxdx can be regarded as equal if they are matched by the same interval a2b2 on the second factor, where by αφχ matching a2b2 we simply mean that {ax, b2) ~ φλ, a2). This assumes additivity in the effects of the two factors: if the sum of ax and b2 effects equals the sum of bx and a2 effects, then the difference between ax and bx effects must equal the difference between a2 and b2 effects.

If (a, a') is a gap, then there exists a rational p such that <£(a') > p > <£( PROOF OF THEOREM 2. Suppose that B is a finite or countable order-dense subset of A. Adjoin the greatest and least elements of A (if such exist) to B. Let A* be the set of endpoints of gaps. By Lemma 1,5* = B U A* is finite or countable. * to Re. For aeA, let φ(α) be the least upper bound of the set of numbers {φ'φ) | b e B* and a > b).

In other cases—especially where nonlinear numerical structures are involved, as in Chapter 7—the structural restrictions are unsatisfactory, and much work needs to be done to weaken them. But even if strong structural axioms must be invoked, it is important to obtain axioms that are logically sufficient for the representation. If we only have necessary axioms, we remain unsure how to perform a thorough test of the representation. 3 Necessary and Sufficient Axiom Systems The ubiquity of these nonnecessary restrictions may well seem puzzlingIt seems far more desirable to find axiom systems composed entirely of necessary axioms that are also sufficient to prove the desired representation and uniqueness theorems.

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Additive and Polynomial Representations by David H. Krantz, R. Duncan Luce, Patrick Suppes, Amos Tversky

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