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By Jeremy Agnew

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This booklet explores the position and impact of drink and medication (primarily opium) within the outdated West, which for this booklet is taken into account to be the US west of the Mississippi from the California gold rush of the 1840s to the remaining of the Western Frontier in approximately 1900. this era used to be the 1st time in American background that heavy ingesting and drug abuse turned a massive social situation. ingesting used to be thought of to be an authorized pursuit for males on the time. Smoking opium used to be thought of to be deviant and linked to teams at the fringes of mainstream society, yet opium use and habit through girls used to be usual. This ebook offers the heritage of either elements and the way their use unfold around the West, at the start for medicinal purposes--but how overuse and abuse ended in the Temperance move and at last to nationwide Prohibition. This booklet experiences the old fact of alcohol and opium use within the outdated West with no bias.

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The stills were further concealed by being located under a thick cover of trees. Revenue agents defeated this tactic by sitting on high ridges and watching for columns of smoke rising from the forest, which often indicated that a moonshine still was being heated (author’s collection). One. The Demon Rum and Other Drinks of Choice 31 the mixture was kept warm. If yeast was not added, the spores of wild yeast that occurred naturally in the air would start the fermentation process, but colder temperatures and the absence of sugar and yeast lengthened the process to two or more weeks.

By the sixteenth century, the use of opium had become well established in western European medicine. Opium had become an essential commodity in Europe, and opium use increased across Europe and Asia. It was freely available on the flimsiest of medical advice and by the 1800s the use of opium 42 Alcohol and Opium in the Old West was widespread for pain, coughs, and diarrhea, and was sold by pharmacies, as well as shoemakers, tailors, and grocery stores. It was combined with liquor and sold in bars.

700. This is debatable, however, as there are earlier references to opium being grown in China. C. Opium was used by the Arabs as an international trading commodity, thus it is more likely that the Arabs organized the opium trade better than previously was the case and traded the drug in larger quantities. ”10 Arab traders controlled the opium trade for the next 800 years. Trade in the Middle Ages Though opium had been in casual use in the Far East for a long time, it was the Europeans who organized the opium trade into a large-scale industry.

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