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By Meg Cabot

ISBN-10: 0060527749

ISBN-13: 9780060527747

Top Ten purposes Samantha Madison is in Deep Trouble

10. Her giant sister is the preferred lady in school

9. Her little sister is a qualified genius

8. She's in love together with her enormous sister's boyfriend

7. She acquired stuck promoting star photos in school

6. And now she's being compelled to take artwork sessions

5. She's simply stored the president of the United Statesfrom an assassination attempt

4. So the total international thinks she is a hero

3. although Sam understands she is way, faraway from being a hero

2. And now she's been appointed teenager ambassador to the UN

And the number-one cause Sam's existence is over?

1. The president's son simply can be in love with her

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But he hadn’t drawn quickly enough to finish his. I had gotten in ALL the fruit, and I had even added a pineapple and some bananas, to kind of balance it all out. I hoped Susan Boone wouldn’t make too big a deal out of how much better my drawing was than everybody else’s. I didn’t want to make anybody feel bad. “Well,” Susan Boone said. And then she stepped forward and started discussing each person’s drawing. She was really quite diplomatic about the whole thing. I mean, my dad could probably have used her over in his offices, she was so tactful (economists are pretty good with numbers, but when it comes to human relations, they, like Rebecca, don’t do so well).

No. But—” “No. There is no pineapple there. ” She pointed at one of the pears I had drawn. “Wait a minute,” I said, still confused but getting defensive. “There are pears there. ” “Yes,” Susan Boone said. “There are four pears on the table. But none of them is this pear. This is a pear from your imagination. ” I didn’t have the slightest idea what she was talking about, but Gertie and Lynn and John and Jeffrey and David knew, apparently. They were all nodding. ” Susan Boone picked up my drawing pad and walked over to me.

Then I ran for the door to the studio. Only I didn’t, of course, go up that narrow stairway. Well, really, how could I? I mean, I had to fight the system, right? Besides, it wasn’t like I hadn’t completely humiliated myself in there the day before yesterday. Was I really just going to go waltzing back in like nothing had happened? The answer, of course, was no. No, I was not. What I did instead was, I waited about a minute inside the little foyer, with rainwater dripping off the hood of my Gore-tex parka.

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