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By Sean Price

ISBN-10: 0439059194

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A whole source packed with history info, Cross-Curricular actions and video games, Library and net hyperlinks, artwork tasks, & a Play contains Poster-Map!Bring the wealthy tradition of old Greece into your lecture room (and stimulate pupil studying) with enticing actions and video games that contain enjoyable and demanding considering! scholars turn into specialists on old Greece as they play a polis technique online game, argue a case in an Athenian trial, map out ancient websites alongside the Aegean coast, enact a scene from Antigone, try-on Golden Age models, and masses extra! Plus a full-color map of old Greece.

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The historian Plutarch said that they spent more on their dramatic performances than they did on their entire defense budget. Prisoners were often let out on bail so they could attend plays. However, the Greeks handled theater much differently than we do today. Plays were put on only twice a year at festivals honoring the god Dionysus. Each play was shown only once and then never acted out again. C. ) Spectators often sat through an entire day of shows, usually at least four plays. When the audience became cranky and bored, they vented their frustration by pelting the actors (always men) with rocks and fruit.

Pose questions such as: In what ways are Antigone’s values similar to ours today? How are they different? Was Creon wrong to expect obedience? Did he deserve his fate? +1 47 Name _________________________________________________ Date __________________ Antigone Adapted from the play by Sophocles Ancient Greece © Sean Stewart Price, Scholastic Teaching Resources This famous Greek play is all about revenge, sacrifice, and death. Cast of Characters: Antigone (an-TIG-uh-nee), Creon’s niece Ismene (iz-MEE-nee), Antigone’s sister Chorus of Theban Elders Creon (CREE-on), leader of Thebes Watchman Haemon (HEE-mon), Creon’s son Tiresias (ty-REE-sih-us), a blind seer Messenger Eurydice (yew-RID-uh-see), Creon’s wife and Haemon’s mother h All scenes are set in and around the wealthy dwelling of Creon of Thebes.

262. ) ____ 4. This was the most famous statue in the ancient world. , the 40-foot statue showed the chief Greek god sitting on a huge throne. His clothes were made of gold and his flesh of ivory. D. 462. ____ 5. This giant marble tomb was built in what is now southwestern Turkey. Two famous Greek architects designed it and four famous Greek sculptors helped decorate it. The structure was so impressive that now all decorated tombs carry its name. D. 1500 by Christian crusaders who used the marble to build a fortress.

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