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By R.L. Stine

ISBN-10: 0060530804

ISBN-13: 9780060530808

ISBN-10: 0060530812

ISBN-13: 9780060530815

ISBN-10: 0060530820

ISBN-13: 9780060530822

ISBN-10: 0061903035

ISBN-13: 9780061903038

ISBN-10: 1435104498

ISBN-13: 9781435104495

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He scratched his wavy, carrot-colored hair. “Didn’t you hear? Coach Bauer called off summer practice. ” “Oh. ” Coach Bauer’s wife died suddenly near the end of the school year. Marjory Bauer wasn’t that old, forty-eight or forty-nine, like the coach. Bauer took a leave from school. Destiny remembered the rumors about him. That he went berserk or something. That neighbors could hear him talking loudly to himself late at night. That he had lost all interest in coaching the team. ” Destiny asked.

27 Chapter Five “I’ll Follow You Home” Renz gazed down at her, breathing deeply, feel- ing the cool night air brush against his hot face. He licked his lips, the rich, iron-tasting liquid so sweet on his tongue. The lake lapped gently against the grassy shore. Trees whispered and shook. Somewhere a night dove cooed. Renz felt alive again; alive and strong. He felt happy, almost giddy. Reunited with his lost love. He wanted to shout it into the wind. He wanted to fly over the lake, crying her name.

She blinked at him. “No. Sorry. It’s late. And I feel so . . ” She waved to him, blinking in confusion. Then she took off, running through the tall wet grass, moonlight reflecting off her hair. He watched until she vanished behind tall pines. Then he opened his mouth in a cry of fury. So close. So close, my darling Laura. But you didn’t finish. His skin tingled. The hair on the back of his neck prickled. He could still taste her blood on his tongue. We will be together for eternity, Laura. I will follow you.

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