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By Zhijun Li, Yuanqing Xia, Chun-Yi Su

ISBN-10: 3662468972

ISBN-13: 9783662468975

ISBN-10: 3662468980

ISBN-13: 9783662468982

This e-book describes a unified framework for networked teleoperation platforms concerning a number of examine fields: networked keep an eye on platforms for linear and nonlinear types, bilateral teleoperation, trilateral teleoperation, multilateral teleoperation and cooperative teleoperation. It heavily examines networked keep an eye on as a box on the intersection of structures & keep watch over and robotics and offers a couple of experimental case stories on testbeds for robot structures, together with networked haptic units, robot community platforms and sensor community structures. The thoughts and effects defined are effortless to appreciate, even for readers rather new to the topic. As such, the ebook bargains a beneficial reference paintings for researchers and engineers within the fields of structures & keep an eye on and robotics.

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