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By Svetlana Katok

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The publication offers an creation to $p$-adic numbers from the perspective of quantity idea, topology, and research. in comparison to different books at the topic, its novelty is either a very balanced method of those 3 issues of view and an emphasis on subject matters available to undergraduates. furthermore, numerous subject matters from actual research and simple topology which aren't often lined in undergraduate classes (totally disconnected areas and Cantor units, issues of discontinuity of maps and the Baire classification Theorem, surjectivity of isometries of compact metric areas) also are incorporated within the booklet. they're going to improve the reader's realizing of actual research and intertwine the genuine and $p$-adic contexts of the booklet. The ebook relies on a sophisticated undergraduate path given through the writer. the alternative of the subject was once stimulated by means of the inner great thing about the topic of $p$-adic research, an strange one within the undergraduate curriculum, and considerable possibilities to match it with its even more ordinary actual counterpart. The booklet contains a huge variety of workouts. solutions, tricks, and recommendations for many of them look on the finish of the ebook. good written, with seen deal with the reader, the ebook should be effectively utilized in a subject matter path or for self-study

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Cµ are the integers less than λ(m) and prime to λ(m). If any one of these is c another is λ(m) − c, since λ(m) > 2. Hence 1 + c1 + c2 + . . + cµ ≡ 0 mod λ(m). +cµ ≡ 1 mod m. From this the theorem follows. The product of all the primitive λ-roots modulo m is congruent to 1 modulo m when λ(m) > 2. EXERCISES 1. If x1 is the largest value of x satisfying the equation λ(x) = a, where a is a given integer, then any solution x2 of the equation is a factor of x1 . 2*. Obtain an effective rule for solving the equation λ(x) = a.

5 Primitive Roots Modulo pα , p an Odd Prime In proving that there exist primitive roots modulo pα , where p is an odd prime and α > 1, we shall need the following theorem: I. There always exists a primitive root γ modulo p for which γ p−1 is not divisible by p2 . CHAPTER 5. PRIMITIVE ROOTS MODULO M . 52 Let g be any primitive root modulo p. If g p−1 is not divisible by p2 our theorem is verified. Then suppose that g p−1 − 1 is divisible by p2 , so that we have g p−1 − 1 = kp2 where k is an integer.

Let a and m be two relatively prime integers. If the exponent to which a belongs modulo m is φ(m), a is said to be a primitive root modulo m (or a primitive root of m). In a previous chapter we saw that the congruence aλ(m) ≡ 1 mod m is verified by every pair of relatively prime integers a and m. Hence, primitive roots can exist only for such a modulus m as satisfies the equation φ(m) = λ(m). (1) We shall show later that this is also sufficient for the existence of primitive roots. From the relation which exists in general between the φ-function and the λ-function in virtue of the definition of the latter, it follows that (1) can be satisfied only when m is a prime power or is twice an odd prime power.

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