Quantization and Non-holomorphic Modular Forms - download pdf or read online

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By André Unterberger

ISBN-10: 3540678611

ISBN-13: 9783540678618

This can be a new method of the speculation of non-holomorphic modular varieties, in accordance with principles from quantization thought or pseudodifferential research. Extending the Rankin-Selberg procedure so one can use it on the calculation of the Roelcke-Selberg decomposition of the made of Eisenstein sequence, one we could Maass cusp-forms look as residues of straightforward, Eisenstein-like, sequence. different effects, according to quantization concept, comprise a reinterpretation of the Lax-Phillips scattering idea for the automorphic wave equation, by way of distributions on R2 automorphic with admire to the linear motion of SL(2,Z).

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