Reconfigurable Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: A by Jan H. Richter PDF

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By Jan H. Richter

ISBN-10: 3642176275

ISBN-13: 9783642176272

This study monograph summarises strategies to reconfigurable fault-tolerant keep an eye on difficulties for nonlinear dynamical structures which are in response to the fault-hiding precept. It emphasises yet isn't really restricted to accomplish actuator and sensor mess ups. within the first half, the monograph starts off with a wide creation of the regulate reconfiguration difficulties and ambitions in addition to summaries and factors of options for linear dynamical platforms. the answer is usually a reconfiguration block, which is composed of linear digital actuators in relation to actuator faults and linear digital sensors on the subject of sensor faults. the most benefit of the fault-hiding inspiration is the reusability of the nominal controller, which is still within the loop as an energetic method whereas the digital actuator and sensor adapt the regulate enter and the measured output to the fault state of affairs. the second one and 3rd elements expand digital actuators and digital sensors in the direction of the sessions of Hammerstein-Wiener structures and piecewise affine structures. the most analyses crisis balance restoration, setpoint monitoring restoration, and function restoration as reconfiguration goals. The fourth half concludes the monograph with descriptions of useful implementations and case reviews. The e-book is essentially meant for lively researchers and training engineers within the box of fault-tolerant keep watch over. because of many working examples it's also compatible for graduate students.

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As a consequence, it reduces training efforts for large numbers of fault scenarios and stress during fault situations. • The design of the reconfiguration block ΣR is independent of the controller and, therefore, usable with any nominal controller (consider different people taking shifts in operating the plant). 46 3 Reconfigurable Control Problem and Fault-Hiding Approach • The fault-hiding strategy opens the way for minimum-invasive alterations of the loop. If the controller is automatic and the fault affects small parts of the plant only, then large parts of the nominal controller are still valid and should be kept instead of performing a complete redesign, which may be costly and time-consuming.

R denotes the set of real numbers, and R+ [0, ∞). C denotes the complex plane, and C− {s ∈ C| Re(s) < 0}. The p-norm of a vector x = (x1 , . . , xn )T is defined by p 1/p n x p . By definition, the notation · refers to the vector 2-norm. i=1 xi For 1 ≤ p ≤ ∞, and for a measurable signal x(t) : R+ → Rn , the notation x(t) ∈ 1/p L p (R+ , Rn ) means that x(t) L p < ∞, where x(t) L p x(t) p dt for 1 ≤ R+ p < ∞ and x(t) L∞ ess sup0≤τ≤t x(τ) . The space of locally integrable signals is denoted by Lloc 1 .

24) such that for all admissible controllers, it follows that ΩLFH (·, ·, ·, ζ0 , ·) − ΩL (·, ·, ·, ·) = 0. 32) Note that all three previous problems are formulated independent of any specific controller. 1. 21) for reconfiguration after actuator as well as sensor faults that is used throughout this monograph. Its particular realisation varies with the system class and the considered types of faults. Minor extensions of this structure will be made, but the underlying idea is well illustrated in the following simplified way.

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