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By Viola Canales

ISBN-10: 0375840893

ISBN-13: 9780375840890

Sofia comes from a kin of storytellers. listed below are her stories of starting to be up within the barrio, packed with the magic and secret of kin traditions: making Easter cascarones, celebrating el Dia de los Muertos, preparing for quincea–era, rejoicing within the Christmas nacimiento, and curing homesickness via consuming the tequila trojan horse. whilst Sofia is singled out to obtain a scholarship to an elite boarding institution, she longs to discover existence past the barrio, although it ability leaving her family members to navigate an odd global of wealthy, privileged children. it is a assorted mundo, yet one the place Sofia's traditions tackle new which means and light up her direction.

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I was stunned stupid. She grabbed the bag. “Taco head! ” She yelled. In seconds I was surrounded by kids chanting “Taco head! ” I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Not only was I found out, but the girl had caused my taco to fly open and splatter all over my white sweater. This nightmare went on forever, until Coach Clarke, the girls’ PE teacher, blew her whistle and ordered everyone back to their seats. “Sofia,” she said, “don’t pay attention to them. ” She took me to the teachers’ lounge and helped me clean up.

The biggest surprise was that Belia turned out to be Berta’s mom. But she did look different, all dressed in black, and serious. I remembered Clara’s story where she said that certain brujas can turn themselves into wild animals, like mountain lions and eagles. So the witch Belia turns herself into Berta’s mom, I thought. I hid behind a door and watched as Belia took a white sheet and draped it over Lucy, covering her from head to toe on her bed. Lucy looked like a dead body. Belia grabbed the old broom, hairballs and all, and started sweeping Lucy, up and down, up and down, the full length of her body.

Hello, Sofia,” said Mr. Weld, shaking my hand. He motioned me to sit next to him. He had neatly combed brown hair, little wire glasses, a crimson tie, and a dark sports jacket with patches on the elbows. I couldn’t help thinking that a hunting dog, a beagle, perhaps, would go perfectly with his outfit. “Sofia, you did very well on the tests. ” Mr. Weld said. “Oh . . ” I didn’t even know the results were back. ” “English . . ” “The classes at Saint Luke’s have ten. The tenth-grade class next year, your class, will only have fifty students.

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