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By Michelle Baldini

ISBN-10: 0375849009

ISBN-13: 9780375849008

THE shrewdpermanent factor Is to organize for the Unexpected.
So reads the fortune cookie fortune that Amanda gets at the start of her family’s holiday to Florida. Amanda understands all approximately getting ready for the unexpected—her mom, whom she calls The Captain, is often difficult on Amanda, and it’s simply whilst Amanda we could her shield down that the very worst comes via. searching for reputation, Amanda turns her cognizance to boys, and doing no matter what she will to be well known in school. that comes with making out with the beautiful senior Rick in his automobile after school—even even though he has a female friend. And while Rick bargains her The Deal—a actual, reputable date to the Homecoming in entrance of every body, in alternate for her virginity—Amanda jumps on the probability. yet regardless of the way you try and organize for the unforeseen, occasionally you can’t. Sharp, chatty, and brutally sincere, this debut novel is compulsively readable and heartbreakingly actual.

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Mission completed—she goes on with her life, has fun with her friends, like it was before me. Instead of juggling babysitters and night classes, she goes away to college with Marion. They even room together, and my mom winds up being a freelance writer too. They coordinate trips to exotic places for their writing assignments. She travels the world instead of being here with me and Melody and the man she maybe never intended to marry. I ran the fantasy a couple of times in my head, changing the version a little each time, obsessing about it, how it would have been better for her, how she would have been happier with her friend.

Well, y’know now. ” my mother shouted. “I . . I’m sorry, m-ma’am,” he stuttered. “I . . I . . ” He looked baffled. His eyes darted between The Captain and me as if he were watching a Ping-Pong match. ” “The . . um . ” I looked at Paul, then back to my mother, seeing a desert mouse and a cobra. She slithered closer to him. “Spit it out or I’ll have the police get it out of you. Now! ” she hissed, pointing her finger to the ground as if that was where he was supposed to de-posit the info.

I decided to saunter toward the diving board, walking along the opposite side of the pool from where the guys were sitting. Strutting past The Captain at the shallow end, I caught her crinkled-brow, squinty-eye look. I read it as general 11 annoyance and ignored it, instead of letting her poke a hole in Mandy Land and send me spiraling back down to Earth. I dropped my wrap and shades to the side of the diving board and climbed up the ladder. At the top, I tossed my head and arched my back. I clasped my hands and stretched my arms out way in front of me, nonchalantly cracking my neck and looking over the pool.

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